About US

CAN CAN Nut Milk sets out to bring honest and simple nut milks into the homes of those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or simply love nut milks. We provide a local, small batch product that cannot be found on your grocery store shelves. Why? Well because our nut milks are made up of 5 ingredients or less making for a tasty true nut milk that is fresh and perishable. We are here to say, yes you CAN have access to real nut milk; nutrient-rich, no artificial ingredients or preservatives - just good, simple flavors handmade from honest, simple ingredients. Nut milk from our kitchen to your home. We hope you and your family will enjoy!



"I'm a big label reader when it comes to my food, although I wish paragraphs of ingredients didn't exists. Food should be honest, simple, whole, and organic. However, "Things aren't what they use to be." Disappointed by packaged, processed, pretend foods and in particular, the alternative dairy milk options available, I was inspired to start CAN CAN Nut Milk. Excited to offer fresh, truly natural nut milks that promote health in the bodies of adults and children who chose to avoid dairy milk or those who simply cannot drink dairy milk due to allergy, intolerance, or illness. Therefore, the idea to make CAN CAN Nut Milk - sans additives, stabilizers and preservatives - available to the Bay Area seemed obvious; somebody had to do it! We CAN do it!

I'm certain your body and mind will appreciate the honesty behind our nut milks. I hope you taste the difference, too!"

Teresa Piro, Founder

Teresa's Background:

Teresa studied holistic nutrition at Bauman College. In addition to CAN CAN Nut Milk, she is the owner of the popular CAN CAN Cleanse - providing Bay Area clients seasonal, nutritional cleanses since 2010. Teresa is a mom of two beautiful children and also finds time to hop in the pool to teach water aerobics at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.